Development Supporting Area|Development Supporting Test Service
TTA IT Testing & Certification Laboratory provides Development Supporting Test Service equipped wigh staff, testing equipment, and technologies that are necessary for testing products under development.
Testing Area
Category Network Broadcasting Mobile Communication
Devices(products) Under Test LAN/MAN, MMoIP, IPv6, USB/WUSB, ZigBee, DSRC, Router/Switch, Home-network, Security equipment Terrestrial DMB, HDMI, Data Broadcasting, Cable Broadcasting, Terrestrial Broadcasting, IPTV, Optical Transmitter, MPEG Player Mobile WiMAX
- Systematical support of testing technology
- Early detection and correction of errors
- Reduction of development period
- Reduction of development cost
Network sector Broadcasting sector Mobile Communication sector
+82-31-724-0134, +82-31-724-0233, +82-31-724-0228,
Testing Procedures