Testing & Certification Service Area
LoRaWAN Testing & Certification
LoRaWAN Testing & Certification
TTA is an authorized test house of LoRa Alliance. According to LoRa Alliance LoRaWAN certification requirements, TTA provides certification test services to companies seeking to obtain LoRaWAN certificate and LoRaWAN logo.
Test category
Category Testing Area Certification Area
Devices under Test - LoRa End Device Certification for KR920
- LoRa End Device Certification for AS923
- LoRa Alliance LoRaWAN Certified(CM)
Contacts - Test: +82-31-780-9117, ldh7547@tta.or.kr
- Contract: +82-31-780-9005, ericjung@tta.or.kr
Testing Procedures