Service Overview
TTA Provides comprehensive and unbiased testing and certification services to ensure that products tested meet the requirements of specitic standards in order to guarantee quality and performance. Such testing and certification greatly enhances the brand image and ultimately leads to more successful marketing of the product. The testing and certification services that TTA furnishes cover the full suite of international and domestic standards and encompass a wide range of products related to the telecommunication industries such as digital broadcasting and mobile communication equipment and terminals as well as computer networking hardware and software. There are numerous benefits that can be gained.
Testing & Certification can greatly enhance brand image and quality competitiveness and save time and costs associated with export procedures.
TTA operated an open lab to test equipment interoperability and facilitate product development.
TTA also provides a Customer Support Center in wihich clients can receive technical consultation regarding testing procedures so that they may           devise and implement effectivetesting procedures tailored to their product.
TTA provides Testing & Certification Services in association with major foreign testing agencies so that our clients can acquire certification in as a           short period of time as possible. This greatly facilitates access to accommodate our clients.
TTA leases expensive testing equipment and reference equipment to accommodate our clients.
TTA actively seeks other measures with govemment agencies concemed with expanding the benefits of acquiring certification.